Ashkin Counseling  - Gifted and Educational Testing
Gifted Assessments 


If your child is entering kindergarten you may want to consider a gifted assessment. They will need an IQ of 130 and an achievement score in the 90th percentile in math or reading. Children who start kindergarten in the fall should come in after January 1st. 

How To Prepare Them

You can help prepare them by:
1- reviewing sight words including color and number words
2- simple addition and subtraction
3- writing skills such as writing their name, numbers and letters
4-Make it fun 

Elementary School and Middle School 

There is no way to prepare your older child for testing. Base your decision to test on your personal insights, their grades and class performance, and teacher evaluations 

It is very common for students to be evaluated for gifted testing before middle school to help them to enter school on the gifted track.