Ashkin Counseling  - Gifted and Educational Testing
Educational Assessments

There are many reasons to seek an educational assessment. Here are some of the common symptoms that can lead you to seek a professional assessment.

Attentional Deficits:
1-Lack of focus and concentration at school or work
2-Inability to initiate tasks
3-Inability to complete tasks that are not interesting
4-Restlessness and boredom
5-Missing deadlines and not turning in assignments

Autism Spectrum
1-Difficulty communicating and understanding the emotions of others
2-Delay in language skills
3-Sensory sensitivities to touch, sound, light, and food
4-Delayed social activity

Specific Learning Disabilities
1-Despite intellectual; capabilities difficulty in one or more areas such as written expression, mathematics or reading and phonological awareness
2-Difficulty with auditory, verbal. spatial or visual processing
3-Difficulty retaining information

High School Students Taking the SAT or ACT may be eligible for accommodations if an assessment is performed at least 6 months prior to testing. These accommodations can also be used in college. 

 I will help you to navigate the school system and to access the resources that your child deserves, to help them to meet their specific needs.