Ashkin Counseling  - Gifted and Educational Testing
Neuropsychological Assessments

Neuropsychological assessments evaluate intelligence, attention, language, memory, spatial abilities and executive functioning.

A neuropsychological evaluation may be requested by your neurologist if you have experienced a traumatic brain injury, a stroke, a concussion, memory loss, or a disease that may be compromising your neuropsychological capabilities.

Vocational Testing 

If you are ready for a new career or a career change and need some guidance a vocational assessment may be helpful.

Vocational assessments include interest inventories, job related searches, relevant career options and a  list of schools that have programs  to suit your needs.

Behavioral Assessments

A behavioral assessment may be indicated for you or your child if there is anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, aggressive behavior or addictive behaviors. 

Through a behavioral assessment and social history I can help you to define your behavioral and emotional needs and together we can create a plan to modify the unwanted behavior.